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During these times, many people are having challenges with getting the dental care they need – just not in the US …. but also in many other countries that have closed off part of their economy. During April and May 2020, many of the larger states had many local businesses closed. Dentists and dental offices were closed for routine dental cleaning procedures or other common dental care needs. Local dentists could see patients for emergency dental care though. In this local emergency dentistry blog, we will be discussing COVID and dental care.

Understanding Dentistry during COVIDCoronavirus Dental Care Blog:

Many people have had to bypass their regular dental prophy and dental exam check-ups during COVID-19 period – as many dentists and dental offices in states such as California and Washington state – had closed their dental practices unless for emergency dental care. That is, only dentists could see emergency dental patients.

Many people even with small cavities or small holes in their teeth, ended up just waiting it out – which is not a good thing. As many dentists will tell you, do not have a small hole or cavity increase in size – by not treating it. Doing a small composite filling is much easier and less costly than doing root canal treatment.

Teledentistry Service and Online Teledentist Consulting: Some people are doing online virtual dental care consulting using teledentistry consulting. Now local dentists are using dental telemedicine technology, just as physicians are.

Patients now need to go back and get their regular dental care needs – of course, with due precaution. Many dental offices are using great local dental care precautions – and following the various CDC guidelines. These dental offices are looking to protect their patients and their own staff.

We at are networking with local dentists and dental professionals. We welcome local dentists to share their dental stories with us, as well as for dental patients to share their local dental stories with us.

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The coronavirus looks to be staying around for some time longer. Many are hoping we find some kind of vaccine to help people fight off the COVID pandemic. We will be doing more COVID DENTAL CARE BLOGS as we keep an eye on the latest developments – with COVID & Dentistry.

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