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  • Bruxism – Grinding of Teeth while Sleeping / Dental Blog:

There are many people who suffer from various forms of bruxism / Clenching and grinding of teeth during sleep is referred to as Bruxism.  As a dentist, when we see a dental patient with “flat teeth” – that is when teeth have been ground down during sleep / then we start to ask questions of the patient.  Many times patients know they are clenching their teeth while sleeping because they may be under severe stress, etc.  Bruxism is characterized with oral parafunctional activity.  Types of night guards – there are various types of night guard used for people to wear at night while sleeping.

How many people have a form of bruxism in the USA?  It is hard to say – but some estimate it is about 10% of the population or somewhere around 30 million people.  This can be mild, occasional grinding of teeth or some may have severe, which can damage the teeth by grinding them away.  Bruxism in a severe form can be readily visible by teeth that have been worn down quite a bit – flat teeth in the molar region where the cusp have been worn away.

In some cases of bruxism / people can break their teeth from severe grinding or clenching.  Many times dentists suggest a night guard.  There are various kinds of night guards.  If you feel as though your mouth is tired or jaw hurt after you wake up / it may be a good idea to go to your local dentist / dental office and get it checked out.  Generally people who are Grinding their teeth or Grinding of Teeth while sleeping will eventually notice it – and should mention it to their dentist when they go for their regular exam and dental cleaning.

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