Thursday January 9, 2020

When You Need to Know How to Stop Tooth Pain

Maybe it's 1 a.m. and you just want the answer to "How to stop tooth pain." If so, you need to find a dentist as soon as possible. There are many reasons why you may be experiencing pain in your..

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Monday December 9, 2019

Cosmetic Dentistry Blogging about Dental Veneers

Many people are seeking cosmetic dental care to make their teeth look whiter and to have a nicer smile line. In this Dental Blog - We will be doing Cosmetic Dentistry Blogging about Dental Veneers & Dental Crown Chatting Online...

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Friday December 6, 2019

How To Fix A Loose Denture

If you're wondering how to fix a loose denture, you're not alone. Millions of people wear dentures, and many of them wish they enjoyed the benefits of a better fit. Even a well-made denture only produces 20% of the bite..

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Thursday November 7, 2019

Benefits of Straight Teeth – Orthodontic Treatment Blog

Many people do have some form of crowding and need some form of orthodontic treatment. There are people that naturally have straight teeth and very nicely aligned teeth. Other people, have more crowding and need orthodontics. Some of these people,..

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Monday October 28, 2019

Dental Bone Grafting: Do I Need It?

Maybe you went to the dentist with a toothache or broken tooth and received bad news. Your tooth is cracked right through the center of it and you need to get it removed. In addition, your dentist recommends dental bone..

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Thursday October 10, 2019

What Is A Dental Onlay?

You’re enjoying a scoop of Skittles, a second handful that you probably didn't need.  You bite down and there's a snapping noise, and that doesn't seem right. Your tongue instantly finds the cause:  A large piece of your lower right..

Monday September 30, 2019

Information on Discounted Dental Help

At DentalChat, we maintain vast networks of dentists who are interested in seeing new patients. You can chat with dentists, ask questions, and inquire about appointments in your area on a secure platform. This is a good way to find..

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Tuesday September 24, 2019

How To Choose A Dentist

Choosing a new dentist may be a bigger decision than it seems at first glance. A relationship with any healthcare provider is a high-trust venture. But dentistry's unique. Most of the time spent with a dentist involves their hands in..

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Tuesday September 10, 2019

Why Get A Partial Denture?

If you’re missing one or more teeth, it’s always worth exploring your options for replacement.  A set of teeth work together to function in very specific ways. As a group they’re really looking out for each other, sharing the heavy..

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Wednesday August 28, 2019

Dental Veneers: A Brilliant New Smile

Movie star smiles float across the silver screen and help today’s biggest stars earn tens of millions. The stars know that their smile is a vital part of their appeal. And they make sure it looks top-notch. With today’s modern..

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Tuesday August 20, 2019

Dental Insurance: A Benefit Primer

If you have dental benefits, you’re fortunate to be amongst 60% of the population with outside financial support for dental care. Most plans are offered by employers as part of a benefits package, and can be helpful in making dentistry..

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Wednesday August 14, 2019

Do You Need a New Denture?

Like everything we use, dentures wear out over time.  But when you consider the wear and tear a denture gets working to chew your food, it’s remarkable they last as long as they do.  Not many artificial materials exist in..

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Tuesday July 30, 2019

My Jaw Hurts: This Needs To End!

Your jaw and the muscles that make it work comprise one complex system. Jaw muscles produce powerful forces that crush and grind food to start the digestive process. When compared to other muscles in the body, these workhorses may generate..

Saturday June 22, 2019

Why Do I Have Bad Breath?

Have you ever had someone step back from you and immediately you think “Why do I have bad breath?”  While our breath may be a source of embarrassment, it might be telling you something more, too. Understanding what's behind bad..

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Wednesday June 12, 2019

Bad Teeth and The Way Forward

Sometimes good teeth turn into bad teeth. It’s usually a frustrating, uncomfortable journey with a lot of treatment and expense along the way. But we need teeth for a few obvious reasons. Besides their important functional role, they also enhance..

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Tuesday May 21, 2019

Best Local Dentist Directory Listings Online

Best Local Dentist Directory Listings Online There are always people looking for great new dentists or an excellent Local Dentist to go to. Finding the best local dental practice can be challenging for many people. Whether it is because they..

Saturday May 11, 2019

Best dental machines of 2019

We are discussing various dental subjects and dental care topics on DentalChat. We welcome local dentists to share their dental knowledge with us, as many of our Dental Chat users are always looking for great dental information. In this local..

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Saturday April 20, 2019

Online dentist communication with patients

New technology is making dentistry and health care more exciting & providing more tools to connect. In the last twenty years, technology has rapidly progressed. This technology is changing health care. There are many people who have a dental question..

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Thursday April 11, 2019

Do Wisdom Teeth Need To Be Removed? Here’s A Look

Growth brings along a lot of questions, including “Do wisdom teeth need to be removed?” The answer isn’t always as straightforward as it seems. A normal adult mouth has 32 teeth, which (except for wisdom teeth) have erupted into place by..

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Saturday March 30, 2019

What Causes Yellow Teeth? Brighten Your Smile

Our teeth are a major indicator of our oral hygiene, and they can boost or deflate the self-esteem of even the most confident people. That’s why it’s imperative that we take care of our teeth and make sure they’re cleaned..

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Thursday March 28, 2019

Bad Teeth Blog, Dentures or Implants

Unfortunately, there are millions of people that have teeth with large amount of caries. Many times they have not had professional dental care / have not gone to a dentist for many, many years. Sometimes, they only go for emergency..

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Thursday March 7, 2019

Dental Insurance plans discussion online

We are at Dental Chat looking to discuss many dental topics - This article will be -- Dental Insurance Plans Discussion Online, with us continuing this discussion in future blogs and articles on here @ DentalChat. We do appreciate our..

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Sunday January 27, 2019

Online Dental Insurance Info Discussion, Local Dentist Chat

Online Dental Insurance Info Discussion:Local Dentist Chat:Emergency Dental Care Chatting Online:Online Dental Chat:DentalChat: Dentists have an interesting relationship with dental insurance companies - with some dental insurance companies better than others. Less than half the people in the US, have..

Friday December 7, 2018

Oral Bony Growth Chat- Discussing Online Mandibular Torus

Oral Bony Growth Chat- Discussing Online Mandibular Torus: We @ DentalChat like to discuss many dental topics.  In this Dental Blog - We will be discussion Mandibular Tori and Oral Bony Growth Chat Online. Discussing Online Mandibular Torus formation and..

Thursday November 29, 2018

Online Sleep Apnea Chat, Online Snoring Blog

Online Sleep Apnea Chat, Online Snoring Blog Sleep Apnea Discussion: Dental Chat Online about Sleeping Topics: Sleep Apnea Discussion / Sleep Apnea Chat online at Dental Chat:  Many people snore or have Sleep Apnea - in the US the numbers..

Sunday November 11, 2018

Frenectomy Online Blog, Oral Cancer Discussion @ Dental Chat

Frenectomy Online Blog, Oral Cancer Discussion @ Dental Chat: Frenectomy Discussion: excessive lingual frenum will be taken care of in infancy. When this has not been done for the oral frenum, relieving this excess attachment (Frenectomy) will usually help or aid..

Saturday November 10, 2018

Dental Hygiene Chat, Local Emergency Dentists Chatting

Dental Hygiene Chat, Local Emergency Dentists Chatting: One of the most important things people can do that can help with a person's overall health - is good oral hygiene.  We do Good Dental Hygiene Chat, Local Emergency Dentists Chatting &..

Saturday November 10, 2018

Good Dental Oral Hygiene and Common Dental Problems

By having good oral hygiene, can help reduce the chances of many dental problems - such as dental gum disease.  We will be Dental Blogging online about common dental problems and the importance of good dental oral hygiene. Good Dental..

Sunday November 4, 2018

Dry Socket Discussion Online after Tooth Extraction

Dry Socket Discussion Online after Tooth Extraction: Dental Chat Online discussion with Dentists: Millions of people are going online to get more dental information on a global scale.  We are looking to help people in that endeavor at Dentalchat. We..

Sunday May 6, 2018

DentalChat – California Dental Association May Update

Check out our DentalChat Ad on CDA Update . Check us out on page 5 of the CDA Newsletter (California Dental Association May Update). DentalChat bringing you QUALIFIED NEW PATIENT dental leads. Great way of patients connecting with dentists.  Sign..

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Friday November 24, 2017

Can people with Diabetes have Dental Health Problems?

  Can people with Diabetes have Dental Health Problems?   Dental Chat Online @   Dental Care for children with diabetes: Can people with Diabetes have Dental Health Problems?  The simple answer is yes.   Diabetes as we know, can..

Sunday November 12, 2017

What is CAD CAD Dentistry / Local Dental Blog

What is CAD CAM Dentistry / Local Dental Blog @ What is Cad Cad Dentistry?  CAD stands for Computer-Aided Design and CAM stands for Computer-Aided Manufacturing - Cad / Cam Technology is a newer form of dental technology used by..

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Wednesday November 8, 2017

Local Emergency Dentist Tech Information / Dental Info Blog

Local Emergency Dentist Tech Information: Dental Info Blog: DentalChat: We are looking to discuss dentistry - whether it is new dental information or new dental care technology.  We welcome feedback from our users. Local Emergency Dentist Tech Information /..

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Friday November 3, 2017

Local Emergency Dental Chat Online – Partnering with DentalChat

Online Dentists Chat, Local Dentist Chat Online Marketing: Local Emergency Dental Chat Online: DentalChat We @ Dentalchat are excited to be bringing exciting new features. Local Emergency Dental Chat Online with us at DentalChat. We are looking to connect patients..

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Sunday October 29, 2017

Online Dentists Chat, Local Dentist Chat Online Marketing

Online Dentists Chat, Local Dentist Chat Online Marketing: Local Dental Chatting Online: DentalChat We are excited to be bringing exciting new features. Local Dental Chatting Online, Online Dentists Chat communication features, Local Dentist Chat Online Marketing, Online Dental Chat..

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Wednesday October 25, 2017


Do you want to Chat with a Dentist?  Are you looking for more dental information - we are the place to be looking. We will be adding innovative new technology & more dental content to Dentalchat.  We welcome your feedback..

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Saturday October 21, 2017

Online DentalChat Partnering – Dental Chat Marketing

Online DentalChat Partnering: Dental Chat Marketing Online DentalChat Partnering - Dental Chat Marketing Online and Local Dentists Networking online with us at DentalChat is looking to network with dental offices and local dentists.  Local Dental Chatting Online, Local..

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Tuesday October 17, 2017

Local Dental Chat – Dental Chatting Online DentalChat

  Local Dental Chat - Dental Chatting Online DentalChat  DentalChat Dental Chat Online  Dental Chatting Online, Dental Chat Online, Local Dentists Chat partnering  and Local Dental Chat Networking Online with us at We at are looking..

Wednesday October 11, 2017

Do you have a Dental Emergency? Dental Chat DentalChat

  Do you have a Dental Emergency? DentalChat Local Dental Chat Online We at DentalChat are networking with local dentists.  Online Dental Chat networking with us at  We at DentalChat are looking to discuss online dental emergencies and..