Denture attached to Dental Implants Chatting – Overdenture Chat Online

   Denture attached to Dental Implants Chatting – Overdenture Chat Online:

50 or 60 years ago, when dental implant(s) were not available to the mass population – large numbers of people between the ages of 50 and older were missing their teeth or possibly all their teeth (edentulous) — many wearing or having usually loose fitting dentures.  These loose fitting dentures would make it very difficult to chew food, which effected the individuals overall health.

When teeth are extracted, over time the bone in that area of the missing tooth or missing teeth loses jaw bone – resorption of bone which leads to dentures that are made to become loose over time.  With the advent of dental implants, there is now a solution for some.

After careful dental exam and dental xrays,  an experienced dentist can place dental implants that will have special attachments to attach it to dentures.  This provides much needed stability for many people that are wearing full dentures. Generally, these dentures that are attached to dental implants are called overdentures.

A full denture is when are missing all your teeth and a partial denture is when missing one of more teeth.  For some with large areas of missing teeth – sometimes they get dental implants that will be attached to a partial denture.  Most times for those missing one or two teeth, the best option is usually getting crowns that are placed onto the dental implant(s).

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