Do anything to get rid of this unknown pain


Suddenly my upper left molars or jaw (i am not sure) starts hurting badly. I went to a dentist and she told me that you have infected a last molar and its normal procedure to take it out. She takes it out very badly. I was feeling a lot of pain even after anesthesia. I hate the dentist. They just don’t care about people. During this procedure, one of the roots is broken and she was unable to remove it. She said it will not cause any problems. After the procedure, I was having so much bad pain for about one month. I changed my toothpaste to Sensodyne. Dramatically the pain went away. I was happy for several weeks. But suddenly the pain got even worse than previously. It’s my third month ended after tooth removal. I went to a private doctor, he did my whole mouth X-ray. He showed me and explained. Your teeth are healthy. He taps all my teeth, I feel pain in my last tooth during this tapping. He told me to be patient the bone will take some time to heal. But it has been already 3 months (my friends took out their tooth and they don’t have any pain after 2 weeks maximum). He says it may be a sinus problem. But I don’t have any of the symptoms mentioned on the internet. Now I don’t know what is wrong with my upper tooth area. Everything is fine but why I have so much pain???????? This pain is related to any movement. If I am lying on bed its ok but otherwise it’s hurting and also the pain migrates to my left side of the head. I am done with every dentist and every home remedy. I don’t know what to do.


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