Healing properly?


Hey there, so I had my 2nd to last bottom left tooth extracted on Tuesday 5/7 and it is now 5/11. Well my pain has not subsided as far as it being the dull like annoying pain. The extraction hole is black in color, sometimes with a tinge of green. I am thinking my blood clot did not form properly and/or was damaged/removed from me changing the gauze, as the dentist told me to do. Can anyone give me some advice?

Editor’s note:  Anytime after couple days do not see the “extraction hole” or socket not healing and still have pain, can go back and have a post-operative visit to your dental office.  Dry socket is when the socket does not heal or fill up and have continuous pain.  Some people end up with a dry socket when they have their tooth or teeth extracted.   Here is a link to a Dental Chat about Dry Socket Problems article or link

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