My teeth feels tight and my lower teeth feels like its rising


I first started feeling one week ago like there is Something stuck in my lower back teeth and I tried removing but nothing was there then gradually it got worse. I felt my lower teeth were rising and it felt tighter in one side of the mouth and I felt uncomfortable in my jaw and back neck. Then later each time I closed my mouth one of my lower front teeth was touching the upper tooth first before others and it became very uncomfortable but it wasn’t paining and I went to the dentist a few days ago. The front tooth was reduced with the drilling machine but now it has extended to my two sides including some in the upper teeth and it’s becoming tighter and I feel uncomfortable. It also reduces if I don’t clench my teeth but when I eat or brush it comes back up. I feel my neck is slightly swelling now. Please I need help I don’t know what is wrong.

Editor’s note:  In this local dental pain problem chatting online post – the person has posted with a picture of their teeth.  Couple of notes- there are no dental x-rays.  Anytime having pain and not sure what is going on, having dental x-rays taken by your local dentist in the area where the tooth pain is > can help a lot in figuring out what is going. When the teeth are “high,” sometimes your dentist can adjust your teeth or slightly file them down if the bite needs adjusting.  This is sometimes the case with dental crowns or dentures, that need to have the bite adjusted.  Anytime there is swelling towards the bottom of the mouth or towards the neck area, need to see a dentist or doctor – as may be having some sort of an abscess or infection.

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