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What is a Oral Mouth Ulcer and why do people get Mouth Ulcers?  A Mouth Sore that is Not caused by a traumatic injury is usually a Aphthous ulcer or canker sore — which is commonly termed as a mouth sore or a mouth ulcer.  Canker sore / Mouth ulcer usually happens inside the mouth – a cold sore is usually outside the mouth and can be from herpes & more contagious. 

The canker sore / mouth sore is usually in your mouth – they look round, white or gray, with a red edge border – they can be painful. Usually if leave alone, it tends to heal by itself within one to two weeks.  Going to a dentist is best way of having a better idea of what is happening – also, if ulcers keep growing, lingering for longer period and lot of pain – seeing a dentist to prescribe some medication should help.

What causes Canker Sore / Mouth Ulcer:  The exact reasons are not 100% known.  Many feel it is due to stress or maybe eating certain types of food.  Sometimes acidic or spicy foods can cause some mouth ulcers.  If seeing ulcers on top of the lips and having a cold – that maybe a cold sore which is different than a canker sore. With cold sores, feel a tingly feeling / usually smaller and may have some itching feelings.  We want to on our site many other dentistry issues our users face – and would like us to discuss.

Treating a canker sore:  Usually most times leave area alone if have a canker sore / mouth ulcer.  Your dentist can prescribe or at your pharmacy their maybe some soothing lotions / paste to put on (2) try to avoid foods that irritate it such as acidic or spicy foods.  May want to use a straw to drink and generally, be more careful to not traumatize area.

If not sure what the lesion in and around your mouth is, it is best to go to your dentist to examine and check out.

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