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Supernumerary teeth are a form of odontostomatologic anomaly characterized by as the existence excessive number of teeth, as compared to the regular 32 teeth for most people. People have these extra teeth, many times – notice that in the back of the top arch for example – they have “extra teeth” growing in.

This Supernumerary Teeth condition is sometimes seen with several congenital genetic disorders such as Cleft lip, Gardner’s syndrome and cleidocranial dysostosis.

Supernumerary teeth can be an important component of a distinctive disorder and an important clue for early diagnosis of these conditions, or other conditions. With Supernumerary teeth, your dentist and medical doctor can check for various medical conditions as mentioned above.

Supernumerary Teeth Chat &
Supernumerary Tooth Treatment Chatting –

Like everything else for humans, teeth can form and develop differently. Both the primary and permanent dentitions may be affected by variations in the number, size, and form of the teeth, as well as the structure of the dental hard tissues – when being formed from childhood to becoming an adult.

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Supernumerary teeth or hyperdontia (HYPER DONTIA) are characterized by the existence of excessive number of teeth or tooth. Many times a person while growing older, will notice extra teeth towards the back of the top teeth or possibly on the lower jaw. The most common supernumerary tooth is a mesiodens, which is a peg-like tooth that occurs between the maxillary central incisors or the front top 2 teeth.  The Treatment many dentists pursue for these mesioden tooth or teeth – is generally a simple extraction. 

Anytime a dentist or oral surgeon is considering extracting these “extra teeth,” having great dental xrays is very important. The key is to have very good dental xrays and make sure there is not going to be damage to the existing teeth.

There are teeth variations that can be caused by local or systemically acting environmental factors and can be determined genetically. This can possibly be from a combination of a combination of these two factors. All kinds of Dental Anomalies can be classified as numerical, form, size, structural, and positional anomalies, and supernumerary teeth. These variations have an important place in numerical anomalies.

Supernumerary teeth or hyperdontia are odontostomatologic anomaly characterized by as the existence of an excessive number of teeth.

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