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Bad Teeth Blog, Dentures or Implants

Unfortunately, there are millions of people that have teeth with large amount of caries. Many times they have not had professional dental care / have not gone to a dentist for many, many years. Sometimes, they only go for emergency dental care. We are Dentist Chatting about Bad Teeth in this Dental Blog.

Many times, these patients end up with some form of a denture – whether it is a partial denture or full mouth set of dentures. Some of these people, do want to get something better than just dentures.

Problems with Dentures –

Why do people want to get something better than just dentures – well dentures can be ill fitting and can be hard to chew with. Dentures are by nature, removable appliances – that can move in the mouth when chewing. Hence, these people with dentures can possibly be having sore spots in the mouth, etc.

Dentures Blog – Dentures and Dental Implants Information online –

Dentures over time can become loose because of jaw bone recession. One option now available, is getting dentures with dental implants. With this option, patients can have better-looking teeth and also have better retention inside the mouth. That is, the denture is attached to dental implants – hence, less movement inside the mouth and better chewing.

One thing to keep in mind – is the cost involved with getting dental implants and dentures. The cost can be much higher, depending on the number of dental implants being placed and the other gum procedures that may be involved. Can discuss with your dentist / dental office various dental treatment options. We have other Dentist Blogs to check out on Here is a Dentist Blog about Best Dental Implants

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In summary – we did a Dentist Blog about dentures. There are more options than ever for people with bad teeth (people with many caries). Each of these options has various price points and differing dental treatment plans.


Difference between a Partial Denture and a Complete Denture / Dentist Chatting

Difference between a Partial Denture and a Complete Denture / Dentist Chatting:

We want to discuss various dental topics on here.  What is the difference between a Partial Denture and a Complete Denture?  This is quite simple.  A partial denture is when there are several teeth missing in the mouth, and the partial denture is used to replace the several teeth or single missing tooth.  A partial denture sometimes has various types of hooks or attachments to go around the teeth, to hold it in place.

A COMPLETE DENTURE or FULL DENTURE is when all the teeth in the mouth have been extracted & a complete denture is used to replace the missing teeth.  Denture(s) are generally removable appliances.  Now a days,  they are also used with Dental Implants sometimes, though usually an attachment placed inside the denture to hold more steadily in place.  That is, dentures are used in conjunction sometimes with dental implants – though this may be more costly.  The denture / dental implant(s) combo maybe a good option for those that have had all their teeth extracted – a retained denture / dental implants attachment to provide more support for the person to chew.

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