Can people with Diabetes have Dental Health Problems?

  1.   Can people with Diabetes have Dental Health Problems?
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Can people with Diabetes have Dental Health Problems?  The simple answer is yes.   Diabetes as we know, can effect many areas of the body including the eyes, kidney or heart — and also it can effect the mouth in the form of Periodontal problems / gum problems – as well as more cavities as some may have less saliva in mouth (saliva helps us against cavities).  This can cause bone loss around the tooth which can lead to in severe cases if untreated to tooth loss.  Your dentist should be made aware if have diabetes / also, they will see bone loss during dental exam and xrays.  Making sure your dentist is aware of patients that have diabetes,  this way they will look for any potential dental treatments.  One of the things dentists will look for in patients with diabetes is that the patient may have less saliva / the mouth feels more dry.  This can cause a possibility of getting more dental cavities – though, if get regular dental prophy and do proper tooth brushing / flossing, then should help reduce this.

There are many ways to treat periodontal problems – this may include getting an extra dental prophy (your dentist will evaluate) or root planing/ scaling.  The one key is for people to go get regular dental prophy / dental exam at your local dental office.  Dentists can see if have periodontal problems with larger “pockets” around the teeth / and most likely more bleeding when they probe / examine the dental gum areas of your mouth. With diabetes, poor blood glucose control makes gum problems more likely. Diabetes can make gum disease worse. Hence, good idea to take extra care with proper tooth brushing, flossing and regular dental prophy.

Dental Care for children with diabetes – children with diabetes sometimes get their teeth to erupt earlier than normal.  Generally, children with diabetes some dentists and studies have shown that having morning dental appointments and making sure your child has had breakfast before appointment / make sure child eats breakfast before appointment (good to have them brush their teeth after breakfast when going into the dental office).

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