Tarter, Plaque and Calculus in the Mouth – Regular Dental Prophy Chat

  • Tarter, Plaque and Calculus in the Mouth – Regular Dental Prophy Chat:

Tarter, plaque and calculus in the mouth – terms that are used by your dentist or hygienist to describe what is happening around your teeth when food and plaque that hardens over a period of time for lack of proper flossing and brushing and/or of not getting your regular twice yearly dental exam and dental prophy (dental cleaning).

If plaque is not removed regularly, and completely, minerals in your saliva combine with plaque to form crystals that harden into tartar.  If do not get regular dental office cleanings, calculus can build up around your teeth – calcified plaque that can be removed by your dentist or the dental office staff (hygienist) who does the dental prophy in the office.

Removing calculus around teeth is very important – it can cause gingivitis / gum diseases, bad breath and also it can cause mobility of your teeth.  People with heavy dental calculus build up around their teeth – when they get it removed, feel sometimes as though their teeth are loose.  The calculus can sometimes build a wall that grows worse over time.  Hence, getting the recommended twice regular dental prophy can help with this.  For some people, they may need more than twice a year prophy at their dental office.  Also, some people may need scaling and root planing if calculus build has happened & is happening below the gum line.  Bottom line, if feel that can not floss because there is material between your teeth – and you have not gone to a dentist for a while …. it is a good idea to get dental exam and dental cleaning (prophy).  This will help not only your oral health, but can help with your overall help.

When in doubt, can to go to your dentist to examine and check out – can call your dentist / dental office.

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