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Many times people with TMJ are checked for bruxism as well. What do TMJ and Bruxism have in common? In this blog / article on DENTAL CHAT – we will be briefly discussing this dental topic.

One area that is very perplexing for people with it and for dentists that are looking to treat it – is TMJ Pain. It is not uncommon for a long suffering person with TMJ pain, to go to multiple dentists and dental offices – to try to find a way to best treat it.

TMJ Chat and Online Bruxism / Clenching Teeth Blog about various dental topics with us – we always appreciate your feedback and suggestions. Temporomandibular joint known as TMJ – TMJ pain or TMJ syndrome is a pain in the jaw / TM joint that may be due from various factors. It is at times vary hard to figure out and even harder to find the right treatment. Many times medications and relaxation is recommended – and some even suggest forms of surgery, though this possibly may or may not help. TMJ is where the upper and lower jaw connect / right around the front of the ear. Basically, the TMJ are the 2 joints that are connecting the jaw to the skull. Lot of facial muscles are connected around there. Some people with TMJ feel a clicking in the tmj when opening wide or chewing. It can be very painful and annoying for people with this condition. We will discuss further in coming articles here on DentalChat.

Bruxism or clenching of the teeth – usually when sleeping can greatly damage your teeth. Many times will see the teeth are kind of flat in the back, with people that are grinders or who have this condition. Generally, people with high level of stress and tension, can be doing this grinding or clenching of teeth called bruxism. Because people are over working their jaw and mouth, and clenching their teeth – some suggest that people with severe bruxism – that they may be affecting the TMJ & causing it to have problems. People with bruxism are usually recommended a form of what is called a night guard, to wear while they sleep >> mostly to try to protect the teeth.

Both bruxism and tmj pain are areas, that much research is still being done. We will be discussing this further in coming dental blogs and dental articles here on Dentalchat – we welcome your feedback and suggestions.

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