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What is Cad Cad Dentistry?  CAD stands for Computer-Aided Design and CAM stands for Computer-Aided ManufacturingCad / Cam Technology is a newer form of dental technology used by dentists and dental labs – to be able to fabricate dental crowns. It is not only for dental crowns – also, for dental inlays and dental onlays that dentists create to place on or inside a tooth.  As CAD / CAM technology keeps improving, dentists are more and more using it.  The Cad / Cam machines can be or cost in the tens of thousands of dollars. There is more innovation in this space with 3D technology. Dentistry is on the cutting edge of new technology to help patients keep and maintain their teeth longer. CAD / CAM Dentistry is going to evolve rapidly in the coming years, as more tech innovation is happening.

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