4 Benefits of Straight Teeth

Some people are fortunate to have straight teeth and a perfect smile from the start. Other people look in the mirror and dream of an ideal line-up of pearly whites. If they stop and weigh the benefits of straight teeth, they realize it’s worth looking into a little more.

Braces are nearly a rite of passage in Western societies, and straight teeth play a central role in senior pictures prior to graduation. Fortunately, more options than ever exist for effective orthodontics including clear aligner systems like Invisalign.

But it’s not just about how they look in the pictures. That’s one clear benefit but there’s more to the bundle. Here are 4 benefits to weigh when you’re trying to figure out what you should do with crooked teeth:

They Chew Better

Teeth work together in very specific ways. The front teeth rip and tear food, while the back teeth grind and crush it to prepare for digestion. This carefully balanced system fits together for ideal function. When teeth are rotated, tilted, or crowded, they don’t properly relate to each other, and that affects their function. But when they’re lined up, they tend to meet the opposing teeth the way nature intended.

They Look Better

While there are differences between cultures regarding appearance and desirable characteristics, a nice smile is always in style. Natural harmony pleases the eye, and an orderly, balanced smile provides just that. In contract, when even one tooth sticks out or is longer than the others, it stands out.

They Clean Better

Bacterial plaque quickly builds on tooth surfaces. This sticky material embeds in nooks and crannies as well as smooth surfaces. So, when teeth overlap or crowd into each other, plaque finds more ways to build up. Once it mineralizes and forms tartar, removing it takes professional help. Straight teeth are simply easier to clean. The toothbrush passes evenly over the exposed surfaces, but there are fewer hiding places for plaque and food debris to linger.

They Breath Better

Many research projects have been done on the benefits of straight teeth. Even if orthodontic treatment only provided cosmetic benefits, it would be worthwhile. The influence of a nice smile in business relationships and social interactions has been well established over the years. A smile builds bonds by conjuring up feelings of trust, friendliness, and competence. This makes your smile one of the most powerful personal characteristics you can invest in.

Ok, that may sound a little weird. But crowded teeth often involve a high, vaulted roof of the mouth. This causes constriction in the nasal passages and constricted upper airways. One of the benefits of straight teeth may involve widening the roof of the mouth and opening up airflow. Indirectly, breathing becomes easier through the process of orthodontic treatment.

If you

Just Get It Straight

If you’re considering the benefits of straight teeth, don’t wait to get a consultation with your dentist to consider the options for a better smile. At Dentalchat, we can help you connect with a dentist in your area!

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