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Bad Teeth Blog, Dentures or Implants

Unfortunately, there are millions of people that have teeth with large amount of caries. Many times they have not had professional dental care / have not gone to a dentist for many, many years. Sometimes, they only go for emergency dental care. We are Dentist Chatting about Bad Teeth in this Dental Blog.

Many times, these patients end up with some form of a denture – whether it is a partial denture or full mouth set of dentures. Some of these people, do want to get something better than just dentures.

Problems with Dentures –

Why do people want to get something better than just dentures – well dentures can be ill fitting and can be hard to chew with. Dentures are by nature, removable appliances – that can move in the mouth when chewing. Hence, these people with dentures can possibly be having sore spots in the mouth, etc.

Dentures Blog – Dentures and Dental Implants Information online –

Dentures over time can become loose because of jaw bone recession. One option now available, is getting dentures with dental implants. With this option, patients can have better-looking teeth and also have better retention inside the mouth. That is, the denture is attached to dental implants – hence, less movement inside the mouth and better chewing.

One thing to keep in mind – is the cost involved with getting dental implants and dentures. The cost can be much higher, depending on the number of dental implants being placed and the other gum procedures that may be involved. Can discuss with your dentist / dental office various dental treatment options. We have other Dentist Blogs to check out on Here is a Dentist Blog about Best Dental Implants

Bad Teeth Blog, Dental Implants Discussion & Denture Blogging with us at DentalChat. We are networking with dental bloggers @ Dental Chat.

In summary – we did a Dentist Blog about dentures. There are more options than ever for people with bad teeth (people with many caries). Each of these options has various price points and differing dental treatment plans.


Most Common Oral Cancer Chatting – Mouth Cancer Chat

We get various dental topics people want for us to discuss online – here at DentalChat. One of the dental topics or areas of dentistry get asked about is Oral Cancer – which is commonly referred to as Mouth Cancer by some people.

Most Common Oral Cancer Chatting – Mouth Cancer Chat:

We will be discussing the most common Oral Cancer / Mouth Cancer in this Dental Blog – majority of oral cance are a form of squamous cell carcinomas.

By some statistics, approximately 90 percent are squamous cell carcinomas, originating in the tissues that are around or line the mouth and lips. Many times mouth cancer involves the tongue, that is a reason – many times your dentist checks your tongue when doing a oral exam. 

Discussing oral cancer online:

At what age does oral cancer / mouth cancer usually be diagnosed? The majority of people with oral cancer happens between the ages of 50-70 years old – that is, oral cancer is usually diagnosed between the ages of 50-70.

Oral cancer should be checked for in youth and adults. For those who use smokeless tobacco – they should be regularly checked for oral cancer and should let their dentists know that they use smokeless tobacco.

Dentists and oral surgeons have some great dental xray machines, that can show in more detail – if have oral cancer. Also, they can take a biopsy. We will be discussing this topic in more depth @ DentalChat. At Dental Chat – we discuss various dental care topics. For instance, here is a article about root canal therapy and treatment

root canal treatment article

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TMJ Chat and Online Bruxism / Clenching Teeth Blog

Many times people with TMJ are checked for bruxism as well. What do TMJ and Bruxism have in common? In this blog / article on DENTAL CHAT – we will be briefly discussing this dental topic.

One area that is very perplexing for people with it and for dentists that are looking to treat it – is TMJ Pain. It is not uncommon for a long suffering person with TMJ pain, to go to multiple dentists and dental offices – to try to find a way to best treat it.

TMJ Chat and Online Bruxism / Clenching Teeth Blog about various dental topics with us – we always appreciate your feedback and suggestions. Temporomandibular joint known as TMJ – TMJ pain or TMJ syndrome is a pain in the jaw / TM joint that may be due from various factors. It is at times vary hard to figure out and even harder to find the right treatment. Many times medications and relaxation is recommended – and some even suggest forms of surgery, though this possibly may or may not help. TMJ is where the upper and lower jaw connect / right around the front of the ear. Basically, the TMJ are the 2 joints that are connecting the jaw to the skull. Lot of facial muscles are connected around there. Some people with TMJ feel a clicking in the tmj when opening wide or chewing. It can be very painful and annoying for people with this condition. We will discuss further in coming articles here on DentalChat.

Bruxism or clenching of the teeth – usually when sleeping can greatly damage your teeth. Many times will see the teeth are kind of flat in the back, with people that are grinders or who have this condition. Generally, people with high level of stress and tension, can be doing this grinding or clenching of teeth called bruxism. Because people are over working their jaw and mouth, and clenching their teeth – some suggest that people with severe bruxism – that they may be affecting the TMJ & causing it to have problems. People with bruxism are usually recommended a form of what is called a night guard, to wear while they sleep >> mostly to try to protect the teeth.

Both bruxism and tmj pain are areas, that much research is still being done. We will be discussing this further in coming dental blogs and dental articles here on Dentalchat – we welcome your feedback and suggestions.


Dental Insurance plans discussion online

We are at Dental Chat looking to discuss many dental topics – This article will be — Dental Insurance Plans Discussion Online, with us continuing this discussion in future blogs and articles on here @ DentalChat. We do appreciate our readers feedback and dental suggestions.

It is estimated that more than 70 million people in the US do not have dental insurance. Unlike medical insurance, which many more people have – Dental Insurance is not a high priority for many people. Most people have dental insurance through their job or place of employment – though, many times, the actual dental coverage is somewhat little – with many people having to pay out of pocket a large portion of various dental services.

Most dental insurance plans cover for the most part dental exam and prophy (dental cleaning) once every 6 months. This falls under preventive dental care. For crowns and dental implants, each person needs to check carefully what, if any of the cost will be covered.

  • Dental Insurance Benefits Blog:

Many people get their dental insurance from the company that they work at. These companies sometimes offer various types of dental insurance policies to choose from. Good to check to see the differing Dental Benefits each dental insurance offers.

For one, dental crowns – are by many dental insurance plans only covered for 50% of the cost — with the other 50% being paid by the patient. This can vary greatly from plan to plan – even with the same dental insurance company. Hence, each person will need to check with their dental insurance to make sure. Dental implants are usually Not covered by many dental insurance companies – again, will need to check. Dental Insurances Chat online with us, discuss dental hygiene, dental services discussion and more at DentalChat. Many people have a dental question can ask us on here – we are looking to provide dental information that we expect each person to do their own due diligence & even more research on.

  • Dental Insurance Plan Blog:

We discussed dental insurance plans and did dental insurance chatting online with us. We will be discussing this further in future dental blogs & dental articles here at Can be asking us Dental Questions here and more. Our goal is to better inform people about various dental care topics.


Online Sleep Apnea Chat, Online Snoring Blog

Online Sleep Apnea Chat, Online Snoring Blog

  • Sleep Apnea Discussion:
  • Dental Chat Online about Sleeping Topics:

Sleep Apnea Discussion / Sleep Apnea Chat online at Dental Chat:  Many people snore or have Sleep Apnea – in the US the numbers are quite high.  Sleep disorders, including sleep apnea, have become a significant health issue in the United States.  Though the numbers vary – the approximate numbers are around  22 million Americans in the US suffer from a type of Sleep Apnea.  Of these, the moderate and severe form is estimated to be around 80 percent – in most cases, the severe obstructive sleep apnea is un-diagnosed, which can be not good for a person’s health.

The interesting thing is that – a large portion of people with Sleep Apnea, do NOT know they have it.  

Online Snoring Blog:   More men than women snore at night while sleeping – with the numbers being approximately 40 percent of men and about 20 percent of women snore.  People who are obese as adults, generally are prone to Snoring at night while sleeping.  Sleeping Disorders includes not only Sleep Apnea and Snoring – but also Sleep deprivation, better known as Insomnia.

TeleDentistry Chat OnlineTele-Dentistry Blogging:

One area that will be helping in sleep apnea potentially more and more is TeleDentistry.  Now, with modern tele-medicine technology in dentistry – we will be able to better monitor how people sleep.

Sleep Apnea Devices Discussion – CPAP Blog:  A CPAP is commonly used – Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy is a common type of treatment for obstructive sleep apnea. A CPAP machine uses a hose and mask or nose piece that is looking to deliver constant and steady air pressure. There are several common problems with CPAP include trouble being able to sleep with it and a leaky mask.  Sleep Apnea & snoring has been going on forever, though now there are ways of better dealing with it.

Local Dental Chat online with us about various dental topics.  We will be discussing Insomnia more in-depth in upcoming blogs and articles – here @ DentalChat. We are looking to make people better informed about various dental care issues. was founded by a dentist, that is keen on helping people get better dental care.  Dental care is advancing with new tech, and we will be leading in that space.  Can visit us on the home page of with this link.


All On 4 Dental Implants Chatting, Online Dental Implant Procedure Chat

All On 4 Dental Implants Chatting:

  • DentalChat: 
  • Dental Implant Blog:
  • Online Dental Implant Procedure Chat:

We are at DentalChat are looking to network with local dentists & dental implant specialistsAll On 4 Dental Implants Chatting, Local Dental Implant Companies Discussion, Local Dental Chatting about various dental care issues, Online Dental Implant Procedure Chat and Online Dentist Discussion with us at We will be doing more than just Dental Implant Blog  @ DentalChat – we want to discuss all dentistry topics on here & are looking for the Best Dentists Bloggers to contribute with us.

We will be discussing more details about getting a dental implant and will be discussing in a future Dental Blog – discussing more in detail Dental Bone Grafting.  Once have a tooth extracted, the area missing the tooth – has bone resorption.

What is All On 4 Dental Implants / All-On-4 Dental Implant Procedure Discussion: The term All-on-4 refers to the All the denture teeth (fake teeth) / Denture being supported on four dental implants – This is a surgical and dental technique for total rehabilitation of the mouth of the patient who is going to be extracting all their teeth or already fully Edentulous patient(s) / has already had all their teeth extracted. Dental Implants Chat about Dental Bone Grafting, Dental Chat online about best dental implant techniques and Online Dental Implant Chat about the Best Dental Implants available to consumers – or patients who have missing tooth or have missing teeth.   The companies producing Dental Implants on a global scale has risen quite a bit in the last ten years – with some consolidation taking place.  Dentist Chat online about Dental Implants and more with us.  We will discuss this further and the Best Dental Implant Companies.

Many people with decayed teeth, that have bad gum disease and broken down teeth can consider this procedure.  There are many people globally who have removed / extracted all their teeth or about to – and are looking at getting denture(s).  With Dental Implants, as a support system for the denture, it allows people to better be able to chew.  There are other benefits as well.

We are looking to network with online digital media companies — specially those in the dental space.  Online Dental Chat with us – we are looking to have the ultimate dental platform. We are networking with online content companies.


Top 4 Ways in which Technology will Decentralise Healthcare

We are looking to discuss various topics on here. This will be about tele-medicine and health care. For a long while, the approach to health care has been ‘why fix it, if it’s not broke?’  We will analyze this further in this health care article.

This take on health care is somewhat flawed, to start with. With increasing health care costs, people are realizing that it doesn’t work towards ensuring good health, rather interjects when diseases begin to affect us.  In a way, this infringes on our right to health – a human right protected by Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The fact is, most of us want very good health care.  Most of us rather get the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health care available.   How can we do this for all? Since this would translate to equal access to hospitals, clinics, medicines and doctors’ services by all – whenever we may need health care services.

However, in real life, healthcare is being subsidized and there is not an infinite amount of money governments can pay for health care. Basically, the reason for unequal health services is the cost – how much it can cost.  That is not the only reason though. Lack of information closely follows it. For both these roadblocks in the equitable distribution of health- online digital technology acts as a disrupting force


A classic example of this is how telemedicine has helped bridge the gap between ‘healthcare haves’ and ‘healthcare have-nots’. Likewise, many online platforms have sprung up and brought transparency and quality healthcare to the patient at the flick of a finger.

Here are some other ways on how technology will change the face of healthcare in the years to come:

  1. Easy access to quality information: the pros and cons

With the explosion of online information, if you are like most patients, you are going search the Internet when you feel unwell. However, this should be taken with a pinch of salt, because sometimes the result could be a sheer disaster. How?

Let’s explain.

You are trapped in your information bubble and are labelled in a particular manner. The current incarnation of this targeting mechanism includes what are called suggestions that purportedly save your keystrokes. If you type in a couple of letters, the search engine attempts to complete your search string from its massive database of possible requests. These suggestions are based on somebody else’s software and what you’ve Googled in the past.

So, the results that are thrown up when you type letters are an outcome of your search profile and are unbeknownst to you. For instance, if you type the word egg, you might see recipes whereas your colleague might see warnings.

A simple headache might be labelled as a rare brain tumor!

So, whenever possible, consult a doctor. And, if you can’t visit one, technology can bring one to your home. 24/7  – there are now tele-medicine platforms available to help people now.   (note this article was edited by DentalChat as well)

  1. Blockchain can transform Electronic Health Records management

Currently healthcare stakeholders such as hospitals, insurance companies, labs and pharmacies are managing data at their own end. So for one patient there may be four sets of data using a different workflow. Reconciling the data is a big question, because it is not always clear who recorded what and when.

Enter blockchain. With its entry the situation will be something like this:

Every stakeholder in your healthcare management will send their information (medications, health concerns, allergy lists) to an open source community-wide trusted ledger so that additions and subtractions to the medical record become understandable. How easy it would be to reconcile all this information for anyone and from anywhere!

  1. Hand-holding a patient to choose the right hospital

References have been the norm in the healthcare delivery. And this has led to an unholy nexus between the super-specialty hospitals and their feeders (tertiary-care hospitals in the far-flung areas). The whole business thrives on the expense of the patient who is headed to the big city hospital by the local setup.

The technology effectively interjects in this unhealthy practice because it brings in transparency. Since information is available for all at the flick of a finger, the patient can compare the cost of a surgery at different hospitals and evaluate the expertise of the surgeon who will be performing it through an unbiased rating mechanism.

All this information allows the patient to make the right decision.

  1. Connecting far flung areas with telemedicine and teledentistry

TeleDentistry Blog, TeleDentist Blogging Online, TeleDentistry Chatting  and Online Tele Dentistry Discussion with us.

Telemedicine aims to deliver health care to patients in rural areas by linking them with super-specialists via remote patient monitoring systems. With DentalChat – there is now TeleDentistry available.

Author: Dr. Aditi Gupta Jha

This article has been edited by DentalChat